Why use Ezelap sharpeners?

  • Made in the USA
  • Dual bonded, smooth consistent diamond array
  • HRC 72
  • Proven quality with over 25 years of sales in Australia
  • Cut fast using light pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and robust
  • Versatile – you can file, sharpen and hone
  • Used wet or dry
  • Plates stay true & flat.

Sharpen or file any tool

  • Knives: All kitchen, chef, food processing, fishing, hunting and sporting knives. Straight or serrated edges.
  • Tools: Chisels, planners, routers, saws, wood gouges, thickensers, woodworking tools.
  • Garden: Secateurs, pruners, loppers, axes, shears, lawnmower blades, garden tools, chainsaws.
  • Shop: Tool steel, tungsten, carbide, lathe tools, tool making, deburring.
  • Craft: Scissors, crystal, glass, ceramics, composites, and jewellery.
  • Sporting: Hooks, darts, ski’s, skates.


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