EZE-LAP Products Sharpen Quickly

EZE-LAP products are made in the USA using the highest grade poly crystalline Dupont TM industrial diamond particles.  The unique EZE-LAP sharpening surface is created using a dual bonding nickel alloy process that is precision matched to the metal substrate form  through two separate bonding bath processes. This results in a full and consistent cover of the diamond array which in turn translates into fast and efficient sharpening.

EZE-LAP Products are Hardwearing

EZE-LAP use a patented heat treatment process to permanently bond the diamond particles and alloy to the metal substrate resulting in a surface that measures 72 on the Rockwell C hardness scale. It is this heat treatment process that allows EZE-LAP to outlast all others. This extremely hard wearing surface will work on all knife steel, hardened metal even ceramics.

EZE-LAP Products are Designed to Sharpen and Hone

Every new EZE-LAP Diamond Product surface will feel quite rough initially, this is due to excess nickel nodules sitting “proud”, these quickly fall away and the surface becomes very smooth. This is the way it needs to be!  The smoother the surface, the better your edge!  Sharpening is all about removing metal to create a new edge then polishing/honing it. EZE-LAP Diamond sharpeners not only do this quickly and easily but at the same time. The millions of diamond particles embedded in the surface remove metal quickly to create a new edge whilst the hardened bond hones the edge for a razor sharp finish.