EZE-LAP Diamond Hones will file, sharpen or hone any knife or metal. The 2cm x 5cm diamond plate set on a 2cm x 15cm plastic handle is convenient in size and fit’s easily into the pocket, backpack, boat console, glove box or cutlery drawer. The Hones are available in five different grits, individually or as a pack of 3.

Suitable for:

Kitchen: All domestic and professional knives; paring, cooks and choppers.

Household: Scissors, shears, BBQ tools, exacto blades, needles, nicks in crystal.

Garden: Secateurs, pruners, loppers, lawnmower blades, axes, garden tools.

Workshop: Chisels, planners, routers, bits, turning gouges, carbide, lathe tools.

Sporting: Fishing & hunting, hooks, darts, ski’s, skates.

Farm: Farm knives, mulesing shears, needles.

Craft: Glass, ceramic, jewellery.


Model: LSF Superfine 1200g Blue Handle
Model: LF Fine 600g Red Handle
Model: LM Medium 400g Mauve Handle
Model: LC Coarse 250g Black Handle
Model: LXC XCoarse 150g Green Handle
Model: LP3 Wallet Pak: Contains 1x LSF, LF, LM
Also available: Diamond Hone POS Display Box.
10 x each model per box (wholesalers only)