EZE-LAP use a dual bonding and patented heat treatment process to create a smooth consistent diamond array bonded to a stainless substrate that measures 72 Rockwell C hardness. This is very hard wearing. The diamonds remove metal, the hardened bond hones the edge. This allows the edge angle to be lowered on knife blades to (7-10O). By using a circular rubbing motion a long convex radius shape is achieved which gives correct strength behind the leading edge that is very durable and long lasting.

To establish an edge, lay the knife flat on the diamond surface, lift the blade spine slightly, use a circular rubbing motion firmly first then finish with lighter strokes. Change sides often. To maintain this sharp edge, only a light up and down “lick” on both sides is required. The “butchers” action can also be used with fewer lighter strokes (remember the diamonds do the work!).

Our surface starts off rough, once “broken in” it then becomes very smooth.  The smoother they are the better they sharpen. Wash regularly with soapy water, particularly after seawater use. Store dry.

Oval Shaft Steels

EZE-LAP Oval Shaft Diamond steels are general use steels.The20mm oval shaped shaft cuts fast and is easy enough for a beginner to use. Ideal for use on gourmet, home and sporting knives.

They are available in Fine and Super Fine grits.


F Fine:  600 grit: Red Tip. General use.

All home, chef, butcher, fishing, hunting and multi-tools blades.

Sharpens a blunt blade to a good working sharp edge.

SF  Superfine: 1200 grit: Blue Tip. 

Less aggressive on metal removal and provides high polished finished edge.

Ideal for trade use. Good steel blades, Damascus and ceramic.


13cm: Ideal for home, fishing, hunting, camping, farm use. Use circular sharpening action.

26cm: Ideal for kitchen and gourmet use. Use butchers or circular sharpening action.

30cm: Ideal for professional use; chef, butcher, boning and longer knives.



Round Shaft Steels

EZE-LAP Round Shaft Diamond steels are designed for the professional.  The round shaft allows for a more correct consistent angle and superior shaped edge. The end is swaged closed for correct steeling action. The smooth uniform shape provides a smooth surface to burnish / align a well-shaped leading edge.                                       

Model P 26cm Round Shaft Fine 600g Plastic Handle
Model G 20cm Round Shaft Fine 600g Plastic Handle