Here you can find a range of instruction guides for specific sharpeners.

Sharpening Tips

By using EZE-LAP’s simple circular rubbing motion a long convex radius shape is achieved which gives correct strength behind the leading edge that is very durable and long lasting. The millions diamond particles within the surface remove the blunt metal and the hardened substrate polishes to a razor sharp edge.

General Tips

  • Hold the knife at a 5-10° angle from the sharpener.
  • Move the knife in a broad circular motion, with reasonable pressure applied (don’t be too light or heavy handed).
  • After a few circular motions, flip the knife over to sharpen the other side, in order to create an evenly sharpened edge.
  • Wipe your sharpener down in light oil, then rinse your sharpener in soapy water to remove any particles of metal after use. This will help increase the life of your sharpener.

Product Leaflets

EZE-LAP Guide To Sharpening (PDF)

EZE-LAP Knife Sharpening Kit (PDF)

Chainsaw Sharpeners

Model CSR Instruction Leaflet (PDF)

Model CSG Instruction Leaflet (PDF)

Model CSK A4 Info Sheet (PDF)