The EZE-LAP Diamond Plates are precision tools which are milled flat and will stay flat to maintain a tools integrity. They retain their sharpening ability for years of trade use and they will not dish out like oil and sandstones. No oil or lubrication is needed and they won’t break if dropped.  These diamond plates’ cut in all directions, sharpen and hone all types of cutting tools and blades from knives, chisels, planers, thickensers, wood gouges, carvers to lathe tools and more!  Made in the USA using poly crystalline DuPont TM diamonds and a dual bonding and heat treatment process which results in a hard wearing, long lasting, smooth diamond surface measuring 72 Rockwell C Hardness. It’s EZE-LAP’s unique surface that enables metal removal to create a new cutting edge, then hones to polish for a razor sharp edge. Maintaining your edge is so easy, only a light “lick “ is necessary to keep your woodworking tools at an optimum. Clean the plates regularly with detergent and water.

Superfine: SF High polished finish (water-stone) on chisels, planers, knives.
Fine: F General purpose sharpening for all tools, knives, secateurs.
Medium: M Rapid metal removal, taking heavy nicks out, flattening.
Coarse: C Filing, initial flattening of planners or normal stones.
Ceramic: CD Burnishing the edge, mirror finish on premium trade, Damascus, Titanium and Ceramic knives and blades.



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