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EZE-LAP Guide to Easy Sharpening

The quick and easy EZE-LAP Sharpening technique gives your knives and tools a more durable edge that stays sharper for longer.

  1. Determine the angle of your blade, normally around 7–10° on one side, generally the more acute the angle the sharper the edge.
  2. If you’re not sure of the area of contact with the EZE-LAP sharpener try our “Ink “test by coating the edge of the knife blade with a felt tip pen. Rub the EZE-LAP sharpener across your knife and then look at the knife blade. You will see the line of contact as the ink is removed, adjust accordingly.
  3. Start with a firm pressure for metal removal to establish the edge, then finish with progressively lighter strokes to provide the smoothest possible edge.
  4. Frequently change sides to keep the metal removal equal ensuring the same angle is maintained. Diamonds cut in all directions so a simple up/down or circular action can be used.
  5. Use your sharpener regularly to maintain the cutting edge. A light “lick” with the EZE-LAP across the blade may be all that is required.
  6. The new EZE-LAP surface will start off rough. This roughness is due to the final manufacturing process. It will quickly become very smooth with use as more and more diamonds are exposed . This is the way it should be!
  7. Clean regularly with detergent and water and your EZE-LAP sharpener will stay in top condition for years of use.

Hold the knife steady and lay the diamond shaft flat across the blade, lift the shaft slightly off the back of the blade, (7–10°) Using a circular or up/down action rub along the length of the blade maintaining a consistent angle. Start firmly and finish with light strokes doing both sides evenly.

Lay the knife flat on the diamond plate, lift the back of the blade slightly to give an angle, (7–10°) Using a circular or up/down motion rub the length of the blade along the plate.

Secateurs: locate and lay the LF flat on the anvil edge, (ground angled surface) at the manufactured angle, raise the LF slightly and rub firmly in circles along the length of the blade. Scissors: sharpen each anvil edge lightly, Knives: hold the knife steady, rub the LF along both sides of the edge at a consistent angle.
Position the ground angle of a chisel or planner on the flat diamond plate. Using a up/down or circular action shape up the edge. Turn the blade over flat and hone off any fine burr. A honing guide is recommended. Use firm pressure to quickly remove nicks and cuts, finish lightly.

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